about carli naff

“(She) stopped us dead in our tracks. One of the best vocalists we’ve heard this year.”
— No Depression Journal
“Her voice comes direct from the heavens”
— Modern Mystery Blog


Carli & The Dark is the project of Carli Naff, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. After studying acting at the University of Arizona, Carli moved to New York and began auditioning. It was here that she leaned how to play guitar and wrote her first few songs. At the time, Carli had been struggling with a vocal injury. A doctor told her that the strain was not from singing, but from poor technique while speaking. Her first EP, Horrible Talker was written while healing this vocal injury and simultaneously uncovering her true artistic voice for the first time. The album was born through this healing, and her music expresses the pain one feels when muting themselves.

Carli has a flair for intimate story telling, and her voice is at once vulnerable and deeply powerful. Her music has a tendency to evoke emotional responses from her listeners while still being grounded in catchy hooks that make each song memorable. Her indie folk-rock sound has been likened to Angel Olsen, Mitski, and Lucy Rose.  Musically, Naff says she is inspired by many different artists including Jeff Buckley, Big Thief, and Fleetwood Mac.


Carli’s music has been featured in the short film “Night’s Melody” (Random Light Prod.) and the web series “Half Honey” (Sparkle Fairy Prod.) for which she wrote the theme song. She can be found playing solo and with a band at various venues in NYC and Brooklyn. See Upcoming Shows for the next performance. Naff's Debut EP, Horrible Talker, is out now on all streaming platforms.

Photos by David Hagen Media.